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About Me

Born within me was a desire to travel and pursue those hobbies that allow creativity and personal growth to flourish.  My mother and father are both world travelers and have shown me that you don’t have to be rich to make it to the corners of the earth.

One of the greatest summaries of our purpose in life was written by my good friend John Buhr.

Sometimes I find it necessary to throw a wrench in the system…my life…whatever. Stop the logical flow of progress in order to gain a moments respite to reflect on just where I am and what I am doing.  The redundancies of life tend to become overbearing and draw one away from what really and truly matters.  To live to be, to do crazy outlandish stuff so that one day decades from now when you are senile and bedridden in some old folk’s home, at least your reminiscent hallucinations will bring a smile to your mouth. 
I REFUSE TO DIE WITHOUT STORIES.  Maybe heaven exists solely as a campfire.  Around which, God, Jesus, and the holy host of heavenly angels preside.  To gain admittance you need merely die.  But to stay you have to have a story when the torch is passed in your direction.  The length of time that you are allowed to stay is solely conditioned by the entertainment value and amount of stories that you amassed during this lifetime of BS.  If the torch lands in your hand and you are forced to shrug and say “I ain’t got nothing”. You are banished to another life down here with the invasive desire to experience some of the nutty stuff the guys at the campfire had to share with you.  So here I go, to do something ridiculous. Knowing full well how crazy it is, but I am purchasing with my free time a longer celestial passage, or at least that rare smile when my body has failed, and all I have left is a few fleeting reminiscences of times past.  Wish me luck.

So, as you browse through my site, please reflect on your own stories and decide how long you will be allowed to sit around the campfire…


I was born in a small town in Missouri.  I first began shooting pictures when I was 10, and I have always kept an eye out for the next unique shot.  Completely self-taught, I do a lot of trial and error -- more so now that I have gone digital.  Currently, I am trying to develop my own style that will set me apart from all the would-be amateurs.  However, I feel I have the drive and determination to make my hobby a part of my professional life.

While I enjoy traveling to the many wonderful places around the world, I am fulfilled if I can come back from these trips with a good photograph.  I am especially thrilled if someone else enjoys my work.

I currently live in Kansas City with my girlfriend Shannon and dog Toby.  I continue to pursue my interest in photography and hope to make it part of my career.

If you have any questions, please contact me here.

JJC Photography
Kansas City, MO  64151
(573) 864-1641
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